With the Permanent Fund Dividend just around the corner, I thought it was time to put together some different budget builds on These builds are skeleton rigs, devoid of any personal touch or direction. They are only the most basic hardware requirements.

*Parts subject to change.

We’ll be having a build studio event at the Anchorage Makerspace sometime in near future. Check back here for more details. This will be a great opportunity to build your own PC with the help of some experts.


Game Nights have been revamped! Facebook reminders happen  at 3:00pm in the afternoon another post happens at the start of the event. We  have altered the schedule of which games are being played through the week.

Monday: League of Legends

Tuesday: Titanfall

Wednesday: ARMA III

Thursday: Eve Online

These events are  listed on our calendar. They are all community run and we welcome any Alaskan gamers to join in and introduce yourselves to the community members. Alaskan Gamers Unite!